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Choosing the right Medical Alarm System

Choosing the right Medical Alarm System

Choosing the correct medical alarm system is extremely important; it can literally mean the difference between life and death. In an emergency situation you don’t want to be caught short with the incorrect medical alarm system. Every feature built into our medical alarm system was designed to provide you with the fastest response time, best quality and longer receiver ranges. It was designed for one purpose in get you help when you need it, FAST!

Easy to use

A medical alarm system from Australian Medical Alarms (AMA) is designed to be extremely easy to operate, without those extra ‘unwanted’ features that just end up causing confusion. The last thing you need in an emergency situation is to operate a complex gadget.
medical alert device With an Australian Medical Alarms (AMA) system all you need to do to activate the alarm is simply ‘press the button’. Our medical alarm systems are supplied with either a small pendant or wristband that can be carried with you at all times even in the bath or shower.
When the alarm is activated, a radio signal is sent via the base station to the 24hr Customer Care Monitoring Centre where our Customer Care Centre operators provide immediate response and assistance.
home medical monitor Our medical alarm system also features a unique two-way voice module that means when you activate your medical alarm device our Customer Care Centre operators will be able to hear and speak with you remotely should you be unable to get to the phone.


There are a number of additional add-on devices available from Australian Medical Alarms (AMA).
home medical alarm Should you require additional pendants or wristbands, wireless smoke detectors, wireless inactivity/security PIR’s, wireless sirens, key lock boxes, remote call points plus much much more,simply visit our order online page or call Australian Medical Alarms (AMA) for further information.