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How does the system work?

Once an activation from the pendant or the base unit is received, our Customer Care Centre will attempt to call the premises. When contact is made, we will assess the situation and call the most appropriate person or service, this maybe a neighbour, friend, family member or 000 emergency services. In the event that the telephone is not answered, emergency services will be called and your nominated emergency contacts will be notified. Additionally, a two-way voice link is opened via the pendant enabling you to speak to our Customer Care Centre from wherever you are in the home.

Do I have to buy the medical unit?

No. We at AMA specialise in rental systems with short- term contracts. You also have the option to purchase the medical unit from AMA should you wish to do so.

How do emergency services access my home?

AMA will require details on how emergency services can access your home. This may be through an external key Lock Box or an authorised key holder. This information is noted in our Customer Care Centre and is only provided to emergency services following an emergency alarm.
If you do not have a Lock Box in place or the key holders are unavailable, emergency services may need to force entry into your home to provide assistance.

Do I require a telephone line?

Yes. The medical alarm requires an active home phone line installed in the premises to communicate with the 24hr Customer Care Centre.

Is the system easy to install?

Yes. We supply a Step by Step Installation Guide to assist you. You will require a power point near your telephone socket. It is recommended that you have a mobile telephone handy so you can speak with the Customer Care Centre when performing the initial checks. You may wish to have a friend or relative assist you.

What is a Lock Box?

A Lock Box is a small, strong and secure device (like a mini safe) securely located on a wall outside your home or office. The Lock Box can accommodate up to two keys which can be accessed in any event of an emergency. The Lock Box can be set with a code of your choice; the Customer Care Centre will retain this code and provide it to emergency services in the event that you or your nominated key holders are unavailable. Lock boxes are available for rent/purchase through AMA at an additional cost.

Can I have more than 1 pendant?

Yes. If more than one (1) person lives in the home you can rent or purchase additional pendants/wristbands.

Can I wear the pendant in the shower or bath?

Yes. The pendant or wristband can be worn in the bath or shower as they are waterproof.

Will the alarm work easily in my home?

Yes. The medical alarm is designed to work in any room in virtually any home.

What if the pendant is pressed by mistake?

Should the pendant be inadvertently pressed by mistake, simply push the cancellation button on the base unit or wait for our Customer Care Centre to contact you.

How far does the pendant work?

The pendant has a range of up to 50 metres, so it may also work externally from the home (testing during set-up will determine signal strength).

What if I have more than 1 telephone?

AMA can arrange for the medical alarm to be installed with a Mode 3 socket*. This will ensure that the medical alarm takes priority over the phone line. * Installation of mode 3 sockets will incur additional charges.

What if I have a security alarm system in my home?

We will need to arrange for a technician to install your medical alarm. The technician will install the medical alarm and ensure the telephone lines are functioning correctly for both the security and medical systems.

What if I move house?

No problem. You can take your medical alarm to your new home. Simply call AMA prior to your move.

Do I have to sign a contract?

You will need to agree to a three (3) month contract, this covers the 24 hour Customer Care monitoring and the rental of the unit. At the completion of the three (3) months you will simply be billed monthly in advance until the unit is returned to AMA.

What happens if the power goes off?

The installed Medical Alarm has a built in back-up battery that will automatically activate in the event of a power failure.