Selecting the Right Customer Care Monitoring

Centre Selecting a 24hr Customer Care Monitoring Centre is equally as important as the medical alarm device itself. Our centrally located Customer Care Monitoring Centre sets itself apart by using state-of-the-art technology which allows us to respond quickly to your emergency. Our dedicated Customer Care Centre operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist your every need. One press of the button will put you in direct contact with our trained staff, who will assess the situation and contact Ambulance, Police, Fire or a person nominated on your emergency contact list immediately.

Trained Professional Staff

medical alarm monitoring Our Customer Care Centre operators are trained to assist with medical and duress situations. If the medical alarm system is activated, the unit will connect you directly with a Customer Care Centre operators in our 24hr Monitoring Centre. The Customer Care Centre operators will talk to you about the type of assistance you require. In an emergency situation or should you not respond to a call from our Customer Care Centre, we will always call for an Ambulance. Our Customer Care Centre will also contact the person you've nominated on your emergency contact list

No need to worry about false alarms

medical alert device There is no need to worry about false alarms. If the button on the pendant, wristband or base unit is pressed accidentally, the Customer Care Monitoring Centre operators will contact you to ensure that you are all right. In the event of a false alarm, by pressing the ‘cancel’ button on the base unit resets the alarm.

Live Independent

medical alarms Give yourself or your loved ones the greatest gift of all, independence. Australian Medical Alarms (AMA) offers a wide variety of low cost short-term rental or purchase options including 24hr Customer Care Monitoring.